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Create your own customized adventure

Your imagination is the only limit! 

At Saguenay aventures, we excel in the art of creating tailor-made adventures, offering unique, personalized service in the heart of the Saguenay Fjord.

Our mission is to inspire you to discover the region through a unique, fun and grandiose outdoor experience. With our expertise, every detail of your adventure becomes a memorable story, shaped according to your wishes.

Our expertise: bringing your adventure to life

Quality outdoor equipment rentals

Our wide range of state-of-the-art rental equipment ensures comfort and performance for your outdoor activities.

Logistics and transport services

We offer vehicle, luggage and equipment transfer services, as well as passenger transport, ensuring hassle-free logistics.

Certified human expertise

Our skilled and certified team is at your disposal, ready to turn your ideas into reality with passion and know-how.

Local knowledge

Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the area, guaranteeing itineraries tailored to your needs and unique experiences.

Wide-ranging network of partners

Take advantage of our extensive network of trusted partners, ensuring a wide range of options and activities to enrich your adventure.


Shooting television

Snowride is a high-quality TV series in which snowmobile enthusiasts travel the country in search of the most beautiful places to practice this winter sport. They chose Saguenay aventures to shoot one of their episodes.

Activity corporate

Nordic refrigeration

Réfrigération Nordic is a Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean company that puts its employees at the heart of its success. They came to us for a weekend of activities, memories and laughter.

The seasoned adventurer

Martin Morissette

Martin is a Youtuber and a passionate backcountry camper. Saguenay aventures gave him the opportunity to take part in an incredible sea-kayaking adventure on the Saguenay Fjord with his family.

Aventurier extrême

The climber extreme

Tom Canac

If you don’t know Tom, let us introduce you to our adventurer of extreme sensations. His love for Cap Trinité is undisputed. Every year we accompany Tom on his climbing adventures by offering him the shuttle service.

The richness of adventure

Fondations on tiptoe

Saguenay aventure contributed to the Familia Aventura project! This expedition enabled four teenagers in remission from cancer and their families to experience an out-of-the-ordinary adventure in an adventure intervention setting.

Vacations in heart of the Fjord

The Grand and Marron families

These two nature-loving families took advantage of Saguenay aventures’ expertise to organize a tailor-made stay combining several winter activities to enjoy the white gold and exceptional territory of the Saguenay Fjord.