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Fjord Whales Cruises

Experience a whale-watching cruise like no other. Our cruises combine Fjord and whales. Departing from Anse-Saint-Jean or Anse Saint-Étienne in Petit-Saguenay, you’ll discover the Fjord in all its splendor on your way to the mouth of the St. Lawrence. It’s a favorite spot for large marine mammals, who gather here by the hundreds every summer to feed. 

Proud member of the Eco Whale Alliance and operating in the Marine Park, a protected conservation area, our practices are respectful of the environment and its species. Our captains and naturalists on board do their utmost to ensure that you enjoy a unique experience that respects the environment.  

Price 2023

age Price
Fjord whales cruise Comfort adult
122,00 $
Fjord whales cruise Child comfort
106,00 $
Fjord whales cruise Family comfort
404,00 $
age Price
Whale fjord cruise Adult adventure
110,00 $
Whales fjord cruise Children's adventure
95,00 $
Whales fjord cruise Family adventure
348,00 $
age Price
Fjord Whales Trio Tadoussac adult*
175,00 $
Trio Fjord baleines Tadoussac child *
143,00 $
Trio Fjord baleines Tadoussac family *
547,00 $




Embark at the quayside in the picturesque village of Anse Saint-Jean. Once you've settled into the comfort of our covered 48-passenger zodiac, head down the Saguenay Fjord to meet the marine mammals of the St. Lawrence Estuary. There are plenty of surprises along the way. This 4-hour cruise will allow you to discover the wonders of the Fjord and the whales.

The adventure

Duration 3 hours

Departing from Anse St-Étienne at the Village-Vacances Petit-Saguenay, we offer 3-hour cruises between the Fjord and the Whales. Rendezvous on the magnificent beach of Anse Saint-Étienne for a unique departure. Observe micro-fauna on land when possible, then walk along the beach and board our covered 48-passenger zodiac down the Fjord-du-Saguenay to the St. Lawrence River to meet the whales and other marine mammals that inhabit this part of the river.

*This product is not available at all times, depending on the tides.

Fjord, Whales and Tadoussac

Full day

Would you like to spend a day in the world of whales? This trio is for you. Come aboard our 48-passenger covered zodiac for a three-hour cruise combining Fjord and whales. You'll disembark at the Tadoussac wharf at mid-day (11:30 a.m.), where you'll have the chance to watch the whales from land, visit the splendid village of Tadoussac and discover the Marine Mammal Interpretation Center. You'll end your day aboard a fly boat that will take you back to L'Anse-Saint-Jean by 6:30pm.

Equipment required

The boat

Our boat Chevelure de Bérénice has a capacity of 40 passengers. It’s covered by a rigid glass shell with opening windows that give a 360-degree panorama. It has all the safety equipment required by law, plus a toilet. Finally, a sound system allows you to hear your naturalist clearly from your seat.

Cancellation and refund policy

Please arrive 30 minutes before departure.

Whale-watching cruises are never cancelled unless the captain deems that weather conditions are too dangerous to make the trip. Rain is not a reason for cancellation.

Otherwise, if you cancel in advance, here are our conditions:

30 days or more: we retain 10% of the purchase price
7 to 29 days: we retain 50%.
6 days or less: we keep 100% of your money

Departing from Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay (Baie-Éternité sector), we offer 2-hour cruises to discover the National Park from its Fjord. Immerse yourself