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Randonnée en raquettes de neige


Treat yourself to an intimate experience with nature with our forest observation and interpretation hikes. Taking place in small groups, these unique experiences focus on close contact with nature, offering unrivalled proximity. Benefit from personalized and adaptable supervision, encouraging enriching exchanges with our naturalist guides, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our hikes are available all year round, allowing you to follow nature’s annual cycle. 


The walk (3 hours)

Take advantage of the soft white blanket to venture into the forest, safely supervised by our certified and experienced guides. You’ll be transported into the world of ecosystems and microsystems in the Saguenay – L’Anse-Saint-Jean hinterland. On snowshoes, your guide will show you the different wildlife habitats. And maybe you’ll come across the footprints of one of the inhabitants of our forests, such as felids, moose, hares and so on.

Observing those who observe us (6 hours)

Set off with one of our expert guides to discover the secrets of Quebec’s lush forests. You’ll be transported into the world of ecosystems and microsystems in the Saguenay – L’Anse-Saint-Jean hinterland. Wearing snowshoes, you’ll explore the various wildlife habitats, where you may “come across” the footprints or one of its inhabitants, such as felids, moose, hares, etc. As well as mammals, pay attention to the trees, which are often home to birds, some of them rare.

Your guide will make you aware of the traces left by man in nature and give you the basics on how to reduce your environmental impact. Weather permitting, you’ll learn the basics of forest survival.

During your hike, you’ll have lunch at the summit of Mont-Édouard.

Snowshoeing - fondue (6 hours)

This package is an opportunity to experience a unique, high-quality moment with friends or family. Take the lift to the summit of Mont-Édouard at the end of the day to admire the best views from the mountain’s highest point.

Pnjoy a drink as an aperitif just before sitting down to a comforting meal in good company at the summit chalet.

Put on your snowshoes around 7:30 p.m. and head down the mountain accompanied by one of your local guides, who will make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

Price 2023

This package includes

The ride:

Let's observe those who observe us:

Living at nature's pace:


Departing from L’Anse-Saint-Jean, you’ll have the chance to visit one of Quebec’s most beautiful regions. With its boreal forest, majestic Fjord and luxuriant flora and fauna, the Bas-Saguenay region abounds in hidden treasures that your guide, with his extensive knowledge of the area, will be able to guide you through.

Itineraries are subject to change according to season and weather conditions.

Cancellation and refund policy

Please arrive 30 minutes before departure. If you are late, your activity will not be reimbursed.
Saguenay Aventures reserves the right to cancel the excursion in the event of inclement weather. If this is the case, you will be informed at least 30 minutes before departure and will receive a 100% refund.

If you have to cancel for an external reason, here is our refund policy

  • 7 days or more 90% refundable
  • 3-6 days 50% refundable
  • 2 days or less 100% non-refundable

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